News judgment

I have had it with KOCO-TV! Lately, their local news people have several times interrupted their own ABC national news broadcast to put up some local story that can damn well wait 20 minutes for the local newscast slot. As a result, Channel 5 listeners have missed far more significant stories that impact the U.S. and the entire world in order to follow some local car chase of no particular consequence, and one night it was to report on something in Norman.
(I don’t know what it was, because I immediately got on TiVo and deleted the “season pass” that we’ve used to record the ABC evening news.)

For now, I’ll try the NBC national news instead. And if I find the news director at Channel 4 is guilty of the same poor judgment as the one at Channel 5 and can’t resist interrupting the national news to cut away to local news, I’ll take my national news from MSNBC or CNN.
“J. Gordon Greene
Midwest City

J. Gordon Greene

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