In Plain Sight: Season Two

Among USA’s lineup of original programming, “Monk” gets most of the press, and “In Plain Sight” almost none. It should, because I like it more. It’s wildly imperfect, but at least its lead isn’t a constant, nails-on-chalkboard annoyance.

Season two of “Sight” is now available on DVD, ably anchored by Mary McCormack, one of those unheralded actresses who’s good in everything. Why she hasn’t received the acclaim or awards recognition as her fellow middle-aged female actresses in cable series have “” Glenn Close, Holly Hunter, Kyra Sedgwick “” is a bit of a mystery.

This show’s no mystery, but a crime drama with an ever-so-slight comedic edge. McCormack is Mary Shannon, a U.S. Marshal who relocates federally protected witnesses, with the help of her pretty-boy partner, Marshall (get it?) Mann, allowing for a rotating door of guest stars. But what makes the show worth watching is Mary’s private life. Not her troubled relationship with her fianc


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