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I greatly enjoyed the Sports Commentary piece by Jay C. Upchurch regarding Oklahoma City’s continued “rise” (“Thunder’s success helps alter perception of OKC,” April 21, 2010, Oklahoma Gazette), and the benefits of an NBA profile.

As an Englishman living in OKC, I am continually on the lookout for succinct articles and tidbits to share with my friends back in London, to prove to them that my words of praise for my new home are well-founded. And this was surely one such piece.

However, in this instance, having scanned into my PC the whole of Page 61 ” to convey Mark Hancock’s lovely colour picture of the “Let’s go Thunder” building ” and e-mailed it off to Blighty, a number of my friends did question the fact that, situated to the bottom right of the page in the Sports section, the first OKG Pick was “professional midget wrestling.” I suppose it jarred with them a little, and tempered the “rise.”

But, it’s as I told them: Not everyone can be NBA star, and America is all about giving a chance to the little guy!

“Mark Taverner
Oklahoma City

Mark Taverner

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