Reader wishes OKC bomber were still in prison

The tragic decisions of Timothy McVeigh, 15 years ago, illuminate the terrible consequences resulting when anyone takes it upon themselves to “retaliate” violently, no matter how “justifiable” they believe their anger is.

Three people I knew were murdered that day, and the losses imposed on others by McVeigh’s personal mission still stab the hearts of all of us.

I wish McVeigh were serving life without parole in prison. His execution killed the possibility of learning more details about others who might have helped him finance or prepare his truck bomb. And he was denied the slow realization of the pain his crime caused Oklahoma City and the whole United States. Fifteen years in prison, on the way to a whole life behind bars, McVeigh might have come to repentance for his crime, regret about the violence he perpetrated against innocent people. As it was, he died proud, which is very sad considering the wreckage he left behind him.

“Nathaniel Batchelder
Oklahoma City

Nathaniel Batchelder

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