Jonah Hex: No Way Back – Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti

me with another man. Once Hex locates her “” her body withered by age and alcoholism “” he learns he has a half brother, Joshua, who’s the preacher/sheriff in the tiny town of Heaven’s Gate, Colo.

Having a sibling is news to Joshua, who can’t comprehend the news. Hex explains in his gruff, inimitable way: “Well, it all started when muh daddy put his thing in our momma, an’ ’bout nine months later, ah come along like a bundle a’ rattlesnakes. At a later date, yer father repeated th’ process with drastically different results.”

Wrapping his mind around the new addition to the family is the least of Joshua’s problems, as Hex finds trouble wherever he goes. In this case, it’s the dreaded Mexican bandit El Papagayo and his raping-and-pillaging men.

Gray and Palmiotti have had so much practice with Hex that he fits them like a glove. Their scripting duties seem effortless, with every explosion of violence well-timed. The only thing holding back “Back” to any tangible degree is the art of Tony DeZuniga. Although he drew the first Hex story way back when, his hand today renders the scenes pretty sloppily. It’s the only element not up to snuff. “”Rod Lott


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