Drilling with the devil

(Editor’s note: As a letter to the editor, the following reader submitted lyrics set to the song “Sympathy for the Devil” by The Rolling Stones.)

For millennia you have known I was down there / And for millennia you have been warned not to open that door / You have always been told that I would offer you riches / A life of ease and fulfillment of all your dreams

You have always known of the price you would pay / How I would destroy your life and all things dear to you in the end / You knew that the cost would not be worth your decadence and lust / And the self-pleasuring monster that you would become

You knew that you would watch your world slowly blacken / And all the beautiful living things of life wilt and lose their light / From their outer beauty to the inner glow of their souls / The colors would be murdered before your horror-filled eyes

You knew that you would be haunted by their screams of terror / And the death wails from the overwhelming grief / Or even worse, the muted whimpers of the ones of those / Who in their last breaths have resigned to accept their fate

And when I am done with your world and destroyed everything that you cherish / When your world is a black, lifeless corpse, disgusting and rancid / I will slither and seep back down to the hell from which I came / I will wait patiently for millions of years for the chance to do it again

And as I am telling you this I can see the look of disdain upon your face / The look of ignorance and arrogance of self-indulged, ageless fools / And when you turn away from me, I know that everything I have said will come true / When I hear you shout to the world, “Drill, baby, drill!”

“Roy Neher

Roy Neher

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