Sanctuary: The Complete Second Season

), is still around (sometimes with a girlfriend who turns invisible), but the addition of Agam Darshi as the snarky, sassy Kate to the Sanctuary team leaves a sour taste. She’s more annoying than anything; imagine Kelly from “The Office” in a sci-fi setting, and you’re not too far off.

The continuing Cabal storyline is one of the show’s attempts at deepening its own mythology, which may frustrate new “” and even regular but casual “” viewers. Personally, my favorites are those episodes that stand alone, and among this batch, that includes one where an overweight man becomes a superhero via an alien suit with a mind of its own, and another that finds Magnus and Will crash-landing at an oil rig, where the waters are haunted by a giant “vampire squid” (not to be confused with BP).

If it’s oversized creatures you like “” not to mention oddball Bollywood musical numbers “” be sure to check out the “Kali” two-parter, complete with a spider duly dubbed Big Bertha.

Once more, E1 entertainment does a terrific job in packaging this four-disc set, plying on the extra features. Even if none are exactly essential, fans will eat them up nonetheless. “”Rod Lott


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