Animation Express

Just because it’s animated doesn’t make it greasy kids’ stuff. Consider “Animation Express,” a double-DVD set rolling into stores. At nearly four hours, the collection rounds up 26 shorts from Canada. Good news: Our friendly neighbors to the north make cartoons as well as they do bacon.

With one Oscar nominee among them, the lineup includes several styles of the art form, from traditional hand-drawn and stop-motion to more modern-day efforts via computer. Some mix in live-action film. While several are so polished they shine, others are deliberately rough and sketchy. Few feature dialogue; most revel in the abstract.

There literally is something here for everyone. A majority of the selections tend to be downbeat, so don’t expect your kids to sit through this mini-festival. Besides, it’s meant for an audience of appreciative adults. This is the stuff of arthouse programming “” only in your house. “”Rod Lott


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