Letters’ ‘hateful’ tone draws concern

As a longtime Gazette reader, I must say that I am a bit concerned about the hateful ” and borderline stupid ” tone of many of the letters that have recently appeared in this section of the finest independent weekly free publication in the Western Hemisphere. Or at least in Central Oklahoma “¦ County.

Even prior to the demise of the capital city’s primary conveyor of fact, opinion and entertainment, the Gazette was my favorite tree-based source of FO&E. (Oh. Wait. The Oklahoman is still around? Forget the “demise” part. At least for now.)

Although the “politics” of this paper seems to be approximately 162.3 degrees opposite of mine (that is, the politics of a radical moderate with nearly six decades of life experience both behind him and under his belt) the Gazette is ” and has always been ” a shining example of those unique and valued American virtues: freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

Anyone who declares that they will henceforth boycott your publication over ultimately meaningless, trivial and selfish gender-confusion “issues” are only depriving themselves of access to some incredibly insightful, well-composed and cool (plus, perfectly punctuated!) writing such as Mike Brake’s “Epic fail for Doc Hoc” (Letters, July 14).

Having said all that, I feel that it is incumbent on me to add that a cover image depicting a guy hitting a girl (“Randy Brogdon vs. Mary Fallin,” July 14) is pretty gay. (Not that there’s anything “wrong” with that …)
“John D. Carlson
The Village

John D. Carlson

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