‘Do us the favor’

In his letter (“Propping up a weak argument,” July 21, Oklahoma Gazette), Richard Hicks plays with math for three-fourths of his essay to paint Kurt Hochenauer’s desire for increased education funding (Commentary “At what price?” July 7) as silly. He then pines for rational and informed public discourse.

In the rational and informed final fourth of his letter, Mr. Hicks: laments the lack of funds necessary to “hire a dad and mom for each school kid,” posits that “the most effective way to improve schools’ performance is to encourage/enforce better parenting” and concludes that “more money spent on education does not equal better educated children.” This is when math and rationality quietly leave through the back door.

Really? Hire two parents per pupil? Enforce better parenting? Pay for this, please.

If Mr. Hicks seriously thinks it is right and good for our state to consistently be near the bottom in per-pupil spending, and considers the states we share this basement with to be exemplars of educational and economic success, I wish he’d do us the favor of applying a bit of his math and rationality to his own assertions.

“Ted Rider
Oklahoma City

Ted Rider

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