‘A few racists’

Ted Rider (Letters, “Turn and face the strain,” Aug. 18, Gazette) apparently wants to believe that the Tea Party promotes and tolerates racists so badly, that he is willing to accept the lies and mistruths being spread by Tea Party opponents.

Almost any group will have a few racists. Just look at the Southern Dim-wit-o-crats (regressives) during the ’50s. Arkansas Gov. Orval Faubus and Alabama Gov. George Wallace are two examples.

However, the Tea Party does not have, nor will it tolerate, anyone of this ilk.

It is doubtful that the Tea Party movement supports any racists since approximately 6 percent of its “membership” is estimated to be black. One notable black who has been a featured speaker at dozens of Tea Party rallies is Herman Cain, a widely respected radio talk show host, a former candidate for U.S. senator from Georgia and a successful businessman. Many other black notables are Tea Party supporters. Walter Williams and J.C. Watts are but two who support its principles.

The fact that a $100,000 reward has been offered for proof that any Tea Party participant spit on or insulted a black congressman has not produced one shred of evidence that this event occurred, despite numerous claims that it did take place by many Tea Party opponents.

Yes, there may be cartoon characters depicting Obama as a black, but they are in humorous good taste, and are not with racist intent in mind.

Wishing something is true does not make it so!

“Mickey McVay

Mickey McVay

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