The ‘boulevard’ is a stupid idea

The boulevard downtown is completely unnecessary. All but the last fraction of a mile of this “new” road is already a high-speed interstate highway. Why destroy it and spend millions building a boulevard with many stoplights?

The existing I-40 could be used to funnel local traffic nearly all the way to downtown at interstate speeds, thus saving precious minutes for those traveling to the downtown area.

The existing road should end at the point where it becomes elevated, not a bit before. I understand the elevated part is in bad shape, and needs to be destroyed, but why spend millions replacing several miles of existing roadbed with one full of stoplights?

I will definitely not be visiting downtown nearly as often. Other large cities spend billions on interstates to downtown areas. Bass-ackwards Oklahoma is doing just the opposite!

“J.A. Gowman
Oklahoma City 

J.A. Gowman

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