Four Boxes

Purposely and effectively lo-fi, “Four Boxes” is one of the most clever thrillers you’re apt to see this year. And do see it “” make the effort to seek this theater-skipper out.

Trevor (Justin Kirk) and Rob (Sam Rosen) are estate liquidators who sell the goods of the recently departed on eBay. It’s a meager living, but one that allows them to scarf down junk food and drink copious amounts of alcohol on the job. Taking up residence and setting up shop in one vacated home, they find the one-time occupant was a fan of Four Boxes, a website so named because it’s comprised solely of a quartet of surveillance screens. (Take a peek to get the gist.)

Rob explain the website used to detail the daily grind of a young woman, but now captures the goings-on of “Havoc,” a hooded weirdo who conducts some seriously whacked-out experiments without knowledge of being taped 24/7. At some point, Trevor surmises that Havoc is … nope, not going to tell you.

But note that’s when “Four Boxes” really gets good.

Not knowing anything further is the best way to approach this chilling indie thriller. Wyatt McDill’s film may be made for a dime and then some, but it reaps exponentially more. It’s like a webcam “Rear Window.”

Viewers may find the characters of Rob and his fianc


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