Kids at the Bar turn a fun project into a near-full-time one

For four years, Robotic Wednesdays has perfected the art of the electronic remix, giving locals a midweek reason to imbibe, gyrate and sweat together.

About a year ago, John Bourke moved to New York, leaving a vacancy in the event’s collective of DJs/organizers. Duo Chad “Rad” Raunborg and Matt Buckley ” aka Kids at the Bar ” were tapped to fill the void.

“Matt and I both started as rock ‘n’ roll kids,” Raunborg said. “He was into producing music, and I was into working with bands. We did a remix for John, and we loved it so much, it just took off from there.”

While it’s become a near-full-time engagement since, the pair leapt into the gig with admirably low expectations.

“It was totally for fun, just to have something to do,” Raunborg said.

Where they are now is likely the calm before the media storm. On Tuesday, Kids at the Bar will digitally release its debut, “Exile EP,” to be followed early next year with a European tour. Closer to home, Oklahoma City’s rising affinity for dance music is at least a little surprising.

“There couldn’t be another night like Robotic,” Raunborg said. “People’s musical tastes are still in the Top 40 here. It’s hard, but definitely progressing. I think it’s just going to get bigger as long as the music is always growing, too.”

Robotic Wednesdays begins at 10 p.m. at Kamp’s Market & Deli, 1310 N.W. 25th. Admission is $3, or $5 under 21. For more information, visit “Becky Carman | photo/Rachel Renee

Becky Carman

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