Doctor Who: The Complete Fifth Series

For years, friends have cajoled me to watch the BBC’s current reboot of “Doctor Who.” Because I don’t have BBC America on my cable lineup, I had to make do with what they could show me, which amounted to maybe two episodes, but I liked what I saw.

The show’s fifth season “” now available on DVD “” has a new Who in Matt Smith, bringing a quirky, slightly goofy and even childlike quality to the role of the time-traveling hero. His Scottish sidekick “” reluctant, of course, at first “” is headstrong Amy Pond (Karen Gillian, kind of the British version of Amy Adams).

In the 13 episodes on these six discs, their adventures are nothing if not spirited and imaginative. Pilot aside, which introduces a rather interesting foe in a fanged man/dog combo, the highlights find the Doctor and Amy confronting those damned-spooky “Weeping Angels” statues (returning from the acclaimed “Blink” episode) in a great two-parter; matching wits with a vampire queen in a Venetian palace in the 17th century; and fighting an invisible creature (viewable only in mirrors) alongside none other than Vincent Van Gogh.

Both Smith and Gillian are winning in their roles, bringing instant likability to the characters and exhibiting terrific chemistry between them “” setting up a quasi-love triangle with Amy’s fianc


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