Iron Man: Extremis

I didn’t realize “Iron Man: Extremis” was an animated film in the “motion comics” sense, as I find that approach stilted, lazy and uninvolving. This feature-length treatment of Warren Ellis and Adi Granov’s 2006 six-issue series updates the armored Avenger’s origin for our more high-tech times.

In half a dozen serialized episodes, the story of a super serum landing in the wrong hands plays out. Pretty quickly, you learn this isn’t for kids, what with the vomit and the suicide blood splatter, not to mention the zombie-like faces of the piece’s more unfortunate bastards.

When Iron Man does his fly-and-fight thing, “Extremis” may not exactly come alive with a fire in its belly, but at least a rumbling in the tummy. One tussle scene in particular pays off with X-ray views of shattered bones


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