OKC’s The Underground gallery opens with multimedia ‘Urban Landscape’ exhibit

The Invited Artists Gallery will be opening in The Underground on Friday with “The Urban Landscape.”

Formerly known as the Conncourse, The Underground is the newly renovated tunnel system that links 16 blocks and more than 30 buildings downtown. The ambient lighting in the system sets the proper mood for viewing artwork in the new gallery.

“The Urban Landscape” features images of downtown architecture and skylines created by eight Oklahoma artists.

In curating the exhibit, Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition Director Julia Kirt wanted the work to capture the vibe of the urban scene while making the show accessible to the people who will be using the tunnels every day.

“I wanted to pick a theme that would make sense for the energy they are trying to create for downtown by renovating these tunnels: the excitement of urban life when downtown is hopping,” Kirt said.

The exhibit brings a broad range of styles and feelings to The Invited Artists Gallery, depicting the everyday nature of a downtown environment, as well as providing some remarkable emotional content. 

For more information, visit Downtown OKC’s Web site or call 235-3500. “”Stephen Kovash



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