The New Bedside Playboy: A Half Century of Amusement, Diversion & Entertainment by Hugh M. Hefner


This literary anthology encompasses 50 years of Playboy magazine content, much of it fiction, with authors as varied as Arthur C. Clarke, Jay McInerney, Ray Bradbury, Donald E. Westlake and Ian Fleming. On the commentary side of things, there’s Norman Mailer, Scott Turow and Daves Barry and Mamet. Iconic features of Hef’s influential revolutionary mag also rear their head, with an interview, not-so-coy cartoons and a few pages of “Party Jokes.” Of course, being Playboy, it can’t avoid sex altogether; witness the bachelor-party horror stories in “Don’t Pet the Donkey.” Hef has far better taste in authors than he does girlfriends.

-Rod Lott


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