Candi & the Strangers — 10th of Always

Well, one wishes radio sounded even half as sweet
as the cotton-candy swirls the dreamy space-pop combo whips up in a
whirlwind of mid-tempo grooves.

(Perhaps it’s fitting, then, that that
song closes with her noting, “Just for you.”)

The Austin, Texas, quintet comes packaged from the same producer of The
Octopus Project, Maserati and Explosions in the Sky, so suffice to say
if any of those bands are permanent fixtures to your iTunes playlists,
you’ll want to check out Candi, even if the songs lean more toward the
mainstream than those acts’ sometimes sprawling electronic improv-jams.

The one exception can be found at album’s end, “The Weather Is Here Wish
You Were Beautiful,” which starts slowly, at a
Percocet-hitting-the-bloodstream pace, as it artfully crafts a soup of
Moog-peppered goodness. So long do the instruments take hold that one
wonders if Constant will ever come into contact. Nearly two minutes into
the seven-minute wonder, she does. —Rod Lott

Download: “Nico Regrets”

Rod Lott

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