Top Shot: Season One

Like every other reality show these days, it uses “Survivor” as its template. Heck, even former “Survivor” runner-up/current good ol’ boy Colby Donaldson serves as host, presiding over all marksmanship matters. The premise rounds up 16 people already well-skilled in shooting — a cop, a Marine, a student, etc. — and goes through several challenges in order to eliminate them — but only figuratively — before crowning the ultimate winner. (Instead of granting them a cool “Survivor” million, however, “Top Shot”‘s budget can muster only one-tenth of that.)

While I’m not the target market for this series, several of its elements amused me. From an obstacle course that utilizes weapons from various wars to a slingshot challenge and a Wild West shootout, the whole affair strikes me as oddball. However, its contestants take things very, very seriously. I’m just not sure how, since the elimination ceremony — in which each player takes aim at a name-embossed circle to cast a vote of “see ya” — is kind of a hoot.

That amusement only goes so far. This is a show recommended to and readymade for military men, weapons buffs, Bass Pro Shop frequenters and anyone else who gets off on gun porn, which “Top Shot” certainly is. —Rod Lott

Rod Lott

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