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Bill Bishop’s Commentary (“Counterpoint: Paying the price,” Jan. 19, Gazette) is frustrating and loaded with half-truths.

The idea that Texas liquor laws have a negative impact on selection and price in that state is an outright fallacy. Most major cities in Texas have robust selections in grocery and chain stores, and have thriving niche liquor stores with items the bigger stores rarely stock. Texas also has a greater and more established craft-brewing community than Oklahoma.

I firmly believe the fantastic and hopeful brewers of our great state (the Choc Beer Co., Coop Ale Works and the Marshall Brewing Company, just to name a few) would greatly benefit from the ability to sell their beers not only in grocery stores, but refrigerated at a proper temperature. How’s that for supporting local business?

Many brewers refuse to let their high-point beers sell in stores without refrigeration. Our current liquor laws forbid this, and in doing so, rob us of a plethora of fine crafted brews. My wife and I make it a habit every time we cross the border to stock up on beers that Oklahoma just can’t carry — we would rather be spending those dollars at home.

Mr. Bishop wants you to believe this issue is all about convenience, when in truth it’s about variety, healthy competition and access to a higher quality product.

—Brett Grimes
Oklahoma City

Brett Grimes

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