Pass the pitcher

Senate Bill 658, authored by Sen. Clark Jolley, R-Edmond, would allow the sale of strong beer and wine in grocery and convenience stores. However, that bill will now have to wait until the next legislative session, following modification of the bill allowing for a 13-member task force to examine the issues surrounding it.

According to The Oke, Jolley said Sen. Dan Newberry, R-Tulsa, requested the grouping.

“My opinion is it’s better to aim then shoot, rather than shoot and aim later,” Newberry told The Oke. “Everybody needs to understand what they’re doing first.”

While Chicken-Fried News understands this may cause a bad case of the bourbon shakes among the weaker-willed, it’s likely that the bill will be alive for the next legislative session.

While we wait, may we propose a state government-based drinking game?

For every mention by one party member about how the other party is trying to destroy America, take one sip.

For every mention in the Legislature of illegal immigrants, take one swig.

For every mention by Gov. Mary Fallin of “right-sizing” government, take two gulps.

For every excuse by a former state legislator of why their position at a state agency is not a violation of the letter or spirit of the law, swallow thrice.

If, by the time the legislative session ends, you are not passed out, congratulations!

You are now likely in a position to tell the authorities about alleged unscrupulous actions of your fellow legislators!

You win!

Gazette staff

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