Free thoughts with the Kern clan

I think most citizens would agree that we want our students to think and reason for themselves and not just take somebody’s word for it. However, his argument is that both sides of human existence be presented in science classes so the students can reason what to believe. This is more appropriate for a philosophy class, rather than a science class.

Rep. Sally Kern’s bill that got shot down was to teach both views in science class, not philosophy class. And if I am correct, in our colleges and university philosophy classes these issues are discussed. In a science class, you present science that has been hypothesized, tested, and proven or disproven. You don’t present fables, fairytales or other stories. The stories in the Bible can be shared in a philosophy class with the works of Aristotle, Plato or Aesop. That is where it belongs.

The other extreme is to teach our existence in science class using science facts along with the beliefs of Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Metaphysicists and the plethora of other movements out there. I seriously doubt the honorable Steve or Sally would want that either. So who is really trying to stifle free thought?

—Andy Sands
Oklahoma City

Andy Sands

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