Cutting up

I love breathing mercury, arsenic and caustic gases. I’m glad my children will have increased opportunities for severe asthma, allergies or cancer. I’m glad for “cheap” energy costing them only the mountains and the integrity of their drinking water.

Glad intestinal or life-threatening diseases are also great possibilities, as the water infrastructure and treatment options are up-to-date and adequately funded and commercial animal operations always dispose of their wastes ethically.

I’m thrilled to appease their tastes for rocket fuel and neurotoxic cocktails, perhaps with a side dish of androgynous fish.

I sleep well knowing that they live in a society where science trumps special interests and people prevail over politics. I hope you, too, will join me in expressing your “gratitude” to your representatives for this world they want to leave our children.

—Hannah Harder

Hannah Harder

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