Sucker punch!

Convicted murderer Emanuel D. “E Man” Mitchell, 33, apparently understood only steps one through two.

On May 2, an Oklahoma City jury found Mitchell and Anthony D. “Black” Morrison, 44, guilty of first-degree murder.

In 2009, the pair allegedly solicited two teenagers as accomplices in a Reliable Discount Pharmacy robbery. The botched robbery ended with the death of one of the teenagers, 16-year-old Antwun “Speedy” Parker, after the pharmacy owner, Jerome Ersland, shot and killed him.

Mitchell and Morrison were already facing a life conviction on the firstdegree murder charge, but they also were found guilty of conspiracy to commit armed robbery and, for Mitchell, driving a stolen vehicle.

Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater gave his closing remarks regarding the two men’s punishment for these last two offenses, The Oklahoman reported, and was returning to his chair when Mitchell arose from about 6 feet away and punched Prater.

Prater, an ex-cop, responded by pushing Mitchell toward the wooden rail that separates the judge, jury and attorneys from court spectators, before the two plunged through a swinging gate in the rail, landing at the victim’s mother’s feet, The Oke reported.

Deputies quickly subdued and handcuffed Mitchell.

Prater suffered from a cut nose, a scratched cheek and a jaw abrasion, The Oke stated, while Mitchell was taken to the hospital that night after sustaining a dislocated shoulder.

“I got blindsided by Emanuel Mitchell,” Prater was quoted by the daily newspaper. “I just saw a fist coming out of the … left corner of my eye.

And he nailed me in the side of the face.

… I pushed him over backwards into the rail. … All I knew was I needed to get him on his back. … He just nailed me the one time, the cheap shot.

“That’s just the kind of a guy he is.

Obviously, if you’re willing to send two kids into a pharmacy to do your dirty work … he doesn’t matter. He’s a coward.”

Gazette staff

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