Inspector Inhofe

Now, some of the Lincoln-shot- Kennedy-from-the-grassy-knoll-in-Area 51 types out there may still have a few doubts.

Luckily, Inspector Jim Inhofe is on the case.

Sen. Inhofe, a senior member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, was the first member of Congress to view photos of Osama bin Laden’s corpse recently made available by the CIA.

Inhofe had suggested to CIA Director Leon Panetta that the agency make the photos available to select congressional members, and the CIA decided to comply with that suggestion, according to a media release from Inhofe’s office.

“By viewing these photos, I can help dispel conspiracy theorists who doubt that Bin Laden is, in fact, dead. That
is why I recommended that they make them available to members of the
committee, and I appreciate Director Panetta following up on my
suggestion,” Inhofe said prior to viewing the photos.

called the pictures “grotesque” and told The Oke it appeared the bullet
traveled through bin Laden’s ear and exited his left eye, since there
was a bullet hole in the ear and possible brain matter hanging out of
his eye.

So at least now we know the last thing that went through bin Laden’s mind before he died.

Gazette staff

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