Extreme hobbies

Yes, the new hot thing is fiery self-expression, according to a YouTube video (one of “dozens”) featured on News9.com. Eager to demonstrate his technique, our exhibitionist young daredevil sprayed body mist in a zigzag pattern on one pant leg, then set it on fire, so it “looks all crazy and stuff.”

“The more you move around, the less it hurts,” the teenage torch said. That’s pretty much its own punch line.

Because CFN denounces all potentially lethal teenage rebellion (other than the all-American types “Grease” endorses), here’s our PSA: Kids, please don’t set yourselves on fire. Fire can burn you, m’kay?

Even more concerning to Chicken- Fried News than this asinine adolescent display is the revelation
that body spray is so extremely flammable. (What is in that stuff?)

intern Bucky is now concerned about any and all junior high dances going
up in an apocalyptic ball of flames. Purposeful self-destruction is one tragic thing; accidental mass death by the sparks of young love is quite another.

Gazette staff

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