Back to the basics

I am amazed at how many letters were written in response to Steve Kern’s Commentary (“Commentary: Scrutinizing science,” April 13, Gazette) article. My main concern is that people are in an uproar about teaching the subject of Darwin’s theory of evolution in school when most teens can’t even construct a sentence correctly.

I took anthropology in college, and we learned about this theory. Teaching critical thinking is great, but when the basics are not learned, shouldn’t we focus on that rather than a subject that is also taught at a collegiate level? Before introducing a controversial subject in school, why not teach them how to read and write first?

I read a status on Facebook from a teen attending Putnam City High that stated they had “past the English test today.” Maybe English tests are multiple-choice these days.

—Amber Nemecek
Oklahoma City

Amber Nemecek

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