We are curious (‘Yellow’)

One on June 6 issued by The Actor Factory in Norman raised Chicken-Fried News’ eyebrows. It was the one titled “CASTING CALL: Hunky ‘Chippendales’-Types, Prisoners, Tough Kid & Hot Teens Needed for YELLOW.”

It wasn’t so much the catchall subject line that caught our attention, but the two groups they wanted to get together in the same room: the “HOT TEENAGERS … age 16-18. Gorgeous” and the “SCARY PRISONERS … Actual ex-cons a definite plus.”

Impressionable youths and hardened felons. What could go wrong? It’s not exactly a recipe for awesomeness à la chocolate and peanut butter.

The dramedy centers on a young woman with a drugproblem (Oklahoma City-born Heather Wahlquist, aka Mrs. Cassavetes). Also starring are Cassavetes’ mom, the legendary Gena Rowlands; Melanie Griffith; and Hank Azaria. No word yet on who will play “TOUGH KID.” Maybe you? “Native American male, age 8-10. Could be a bully. Good swimmer.”

Gazette staff

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