Adam and Eve 101

It should first be
explained how mankind multiplied from the Garden of Eden. Genesis is
fascinating, and the story about the first family is thumbsup. So, for
those who want to see creationism taught, they certainly must agree to
begin with the “beginning”: Adam and Eve 101.

the beginning era, Adam and Eve had two sons, Cain and Abel, and Cain
killed Abel and Adam and Eve had a third son, Seth, and this was the
remaining family: dad, mom and two sons.

account in Genesis continues and is fascinating, but leaves a huge
question that has had me puzzled since my first sex-education class in
junior high: How do two men who don’t have girlfriends, because there
aren’t any, get the world’s population in motion? Reading Genesis, it
makes me feel like I missed part of the story. Did I miss a few pages?
Maybe I should re-read this, because somewhere I’ve missed something.

tried to figure this out using multiplication and even short division,
but am still puzzled, and Einstein and Darwin are dead. Readers writing
in to the Gazette have stirred this whole thing up again, so what
am I to do but ask the No. 1 biblical question concerning the origin of
man: Who done it and how?

—Merle Wright
Oklahoma City

Merle D. Wright

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