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I am an unashamed geek for all things “Harry Potter,” but that is far from the only thing about which I get really nerdy. (Ahem, “X-Files,” “Firefly” and a whole lot more.) And there’s nothing wrong with that. I say, celebrate all those geeky things that you love!

Geeks of all ages can find a lot to make their hearts beat at Science Museum Oklahoma’s way-cool gift shop. The spot (2100 N.E. 52nd; 602- 6664) has a huge variety of finds, plus, you don’t need to pay museum admission to check it out.

Toward the back, I loved the adult T-shirts — especially the super-soft ones done with Alternative Tees. Look for slogans and graphics splashed across the front, like a periodic table or a cool ringer tee that reads “Science 101.”

For the geek in the kitchen, you can’t miss the adorable robot cupcake molds by Fred. (They’re called Yumbots — awwww!) The colorful robots have big “heads,” which makes the frosting look like bouffant ’bot hair. And don’t miss the astronaut food.

I also loved the science-y bumper stickers (“I Miss Pluto”) and the fun buttons (especially the “Team Isaac” featuring the popular “Twilight” apple).

In the Plaza District, Collected Thread (1705-A N.W. 16th; 557- 1141) satisfies geeks of a different kind. There are great craft books, DIY guides and fun fabrics for the arty out there.

Bibliophiles will be agog at the oh-so-lovely brass cuff bracelets that have just come in from an artist in England. The gorgeous cuffs are etched with passages from literature, including “Pride and Prejudice” or “A Tale of Two Cities.” I especially loved one that didn’t feature words, but a lovely scrollwork design that looked like the intricate inner workings of a clock — very steampunk.

And then … friends, I may have squealed a tiny bit. A while ago, I bought a sign from Collected Thread that read “Keep Calm and Carry On.” But now, there are some new versions. Harry-related versions. Yes, instead of a crown at the top, these feature a wand. There’s a “Keep Calm and Harry On” and a “Keep Calm and Conjure a Patronus Charm.”

See, it always comes back to Harry. Oh, and before you run out to get your geek fix, you need to head online to I’ve written a super-tough quiz all about Harry Potter. You have until July 20 to pull out your wand and take the test (it’s a total N.E.W.T.-level test, too), and we’ll give one winning witch or wizard a gift card to some really cool area restaurants. And, since I love all of you ShopGirl readers, here’s a hint to question No. 5: The answer was never without his camera and was Harry’s No. 1 fan.

Happy Harry, everyone!

Jenny Coon Peterson

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