Regressive progressives

Rob Bennett (Letters, “Ignorance isn’t bliss,” June 29) finds fault with Oklahoma Gazette for publishing my views on various subjects. Like many liberals, he does not bother to check the facts, but rather wants to jump to conclusions that serve his purpose.

I assume it is OK for the Gazette to publish many liberal viewpoints, but since free speech is not allowed, the conservatives should not be allowed to express their opinions.

He indicates I am wrong because I stated that our life expectancies are now longer than they were 10 years ago. If he would only check out actuary tables for the last 10 years, he would find out that this is the case.

He tends to disparage my comment that air and water are cleaner than a decade ago. Well, what the hell has the Environmental Protection Agency been doing for the last 10 years? Why has industry spent billions of dollars on air scrubbers and water filters? Where have our tax dollars been spent by the EPA?

And, I loved Marty Morelli’s June 29 letter that points out that Hitler was a “progressive.”

Many of the left-wingers have come to realize they have trashed out the word “liberal” beyond redemption, so they now want to call themselves “progressives.” Well, I call them “regressives!”

—Mickey McVay

Mickey McVay

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