Righteous indignation

In addition to that, I take exception to the ignorant and unfounded implication that there exists, in reality, a single “gay” couple who possess the complete lack of housekeeping and decorating skills pictured therein. Apparently, Mueller has never tuned in to HGTV or TLC.

I — along with Charles Darwin and probably Gary Larson — would hope that, by this time in human history, we would have evolved far beyond this level of subliminal, erroneous brainwashing.

After all — to paraphrase Carl Sagan and Teilhard de Chardin — in the final analysis, we are all simply Sophisticated Cosmic Dust Balls Randomly Formed From Remnants of The Big Bang in a Becoming Universe.

Frankly — to add injury to insult — I am surprised that the “artist” didn’t include a portrait of Muhammad or Sally Kern on the wall.

You know . . . to make it “pop” . . .

—John D. Carlson
The Village

John D. Carlson

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