Horsin’ around

City staff told the council that there were complaints by some of the companies offering horse-drawn carriage rides in Bricktown that other companies offering similar rides were not shoeing their horses properly, complete with a letter from a vet stating horses walking on pavement should be shod correctly.

While it is partially a safety issue, it’s more of an issue to prevent wear and tear on the horses’ hooves, staff told the council.

The changes to the ordinance states that horses shall “be shod with a type of shoe that aids in traction and the prevention of slipping, including but not limited to a rubber compound type horseshoe or a steel shoe with borium tips.” There are no mentions of Nike or Reebok.

“Just when you think you’ve dealt with every issue at least once, comes horseshoes on the horses in Bricktown,” Oklahoma City Mayor Mick Cornett said.

Other parts of the ordinance already in effect include provisions that require horses be equipped with a waste-catching device while on any public way; that horses “be groomed before working and may not have fungus, dandruff, or a poor or dirty coat”; and that a stallion may not draw a carriage.

We’re guessing the reasons for that last part are two-fold: one, for obvious safety reasons, and two, because of the awkward questions it may raise among the children in the family-friendly Bricktown should the stallion get around a mare.

Aren’t animals fun?

Gazette staff

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