In the raw, in the rough

In a July fundraiser at the Boiling Springs Golf Course for the Elk’s annual rodeo, one of the event’s volunteers with apparently questionable impulse control decided to disrobe as a portion of a putting-green challenge, The Oklahoman reported, although the female volunteer was not asked to show her birthday suit. 

Elks Rodeo Chairman Neal Day told The Oke that the sporadic nudity was uncalled for and “not a normal occurrence.”

Woodward County Sheriff Gary Stanley told The Oke no one has filed a report about the incident and no investigation is being conducted. However, photos of the alleged stripper were posted on The Lost Ogle website for all of the wannabe gumshoes out there to conduct their own “private investigations.”

The thought of the female form being paraded about in public in broad daylight offended city leaders, Woodward City Manager Alan Riffel told The Oke.

Day said people were outraged by the incident, including many of the wives of the tournament players, and that it overshadows what good the Elks do in the town.

“This is a pretty up-and-up group of people,” Day told The Oke.

Day said that the Elks are trying to combat rumors around town that the woman had sex with tournament participants. Whatever happened, we’re just hoping the course had extra detergent in the ball-washers at the next tee box.

Gazette staff

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