Questioning the Kern clan

Clicking “partners” reveals that WorldNetDaily, an infamous advocate of the infantile, racist notion that President Obama was born in Kenya, is an RAFC partner.

Since the Rev. Steve Kern and his wife, Rep. Sally Kern, are associated with RAFC and widely pontificate on issues that concern RAFC such as homosexuality and evolution, I think it is fair to ask the Kerns:

—Will you condemn RAFC’s association with racist birther ideology?

—During recent events in Norway, Hege Dalen and Toril Hansen, married lesbians, took their boat four times to where a terrorist was killing people. They risked their lives to save 40. If we “embrace” these two heroes, will it cause civilization to “fall after a few generations” (Rev. Kern’s counterpoint commentary, “Soul concern,” June 22)?

—Humans have 415 genes for olfactory receptors that are broken by mutation damaging our sense of smell. Dolphins can’t smell airborne odors and yet have genes for doing exactly that, though most are broken. The gene for making vitamin C is broken in chimps and humans by the same deletion of a single DNA “letter.” Tigers and domestic cats can’t taste sweetness because of a 247-“letter” deletion. So why should I not consider evidence of history to be evidence of evolution?

—Michael Hopkins

Michael Hopkins

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