Sundress — Sundress EP

Oozy, woozy pop just gushes out of this EP’s six lush tracks, a decidedly more aggressive sound that’s spiked with some My Bloody Valentine guitar-playing and maybe just a hint of acid. Perhaps that’s why Wayne Coyne checked them out at The Loft in Dallas a while back and also why they opened a hometown show for Stardeath and White Dwarfs last month. Sundress’ psychedelic harmonies and expansive rock ’n’ roll sound belongs on tour with both of Oklahoma City’s best psych rockers.

Guitars shake, echo, and zoom through the space occupied by this album’s messy, catastrophic dreamscape, often following after Ryan McAdams’ vocals that somehow just melt like the clocks in Dali’s famous painting “The Persistence of Memory.”

What pulls it all together as dream pop are the words McAdams sings. Big choruses are as fundamental to this short record as anything, especially on the standout “Sailor’s Vision,” where he moans, “you are wonderful,” in a way that haunts your memory like only the creepiest pop music can. —Matt Carney

Download “Thirteen” for free, thanks to the good press folks at Team Clermont.

Matt Carney

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