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A friend is committed to laughing at me whenever I do, since she insists they are ridiculous, but like a forbidden boyfriend, her scorn has only deepened our love.

It’s true that Oxford flats can be tricky and can look a bit orthopedic if you don’t pair them with the right clothes, but I don’t care — my love for them is strong and true. And they’ll be a perfect fit with the rest of fall’s shoes, which remain neutral and natural, with lots of chunky heels and animal prints. (I’m not quite on board with animal prints because I think they easily can become abused animals conscripted to pair with stacked, two-tone hair and rhinestone-laden clothing, but maybe that’s just me.)

At the lovely Heirloom Shoe (4415 N. Western; 605-0356) you can sample all of the latest trends with gorgeous shoes. I was in love with a girly, heeled Oxford by Coclico (maybe it wants to go on a playdate with my flat Oxford). The shoe is done in a soft slate with delicate cutouts for maximum adorableness.

For something a bit more tough, check out the lace-up leather boots by Vintage and Argila — think a European chic take on the early ’90s staple of Doc Martens. I’d love to pair these with thick, textured tights and re-create my own version of “Reality Bites.”

Besides the neutrals, I also saw some great pops of color (deep green and eggplant) at Heirloom, along with the always-fun collection of bright Bensimon tennis shoes. (I own a pair in navy and wear the hell out of them.)

I’d love to re-create my own version of “Reality Bites.”

Heels rule at Pink Sugar Shoe Boutique (1389 E. 15th; 359-0044) in Edmond. Keeping that ruggedchic trend going, check out the Bacío 61 ankle boot done in a deep brown leather with a serious heel.

On the girlier end, I loved the classic, round-toe pump by Plenty by Tracy Reese. It’s a lovely gray suede with a stacked heel. And, being a sucker for all things whimsical, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the dark-gray, round-toe heel by Poetic Licence. It has a fat, stacked heel, T-strap and a vintage-cool velvet flower at the toe.

There are flats, too, along with some great knee-high boots at Pink Sugar right now.

Things get casual at Blue 7 (7518 N. May; 604-5199), which carries a good selection of both men’s and women’s shoes. (And you can’t miss that whole wall of Toms in lots of fun patterns and colors.)

From Sanuk slip-ons to cute Keds, flats are the shoe to buy at Blue 7. I especially loved the broken-in leather dock shoes by Stu. For men’s, the styles range from scruffy boots and sneakers to docksiders.

All these options — it’ll be hard to pick just one new mate for my Oxfords.

Photo by Shannon Cornman

Jenny Coon Peterson

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