Where the bison roam

The Nature Conservancy reintroduces bison and fire to re-create the functioning ecosystem. Grazing by bison plays an instrumental role, nurturing around 750 species of plant life, birds and wildlife. And don’t call them buffalo.

“Technically, they are bison,” said Steve McGuffin, director of philanthropy at The Nature Conservancy. “Real buffalo have wide, curved horns and live in South Africa (Cape buffalo) or Asia (water buffalo).”

See Shannon’s photos at the Tierra Media Group Flickr page, or in the slideshow below.

Shannon Cornman

Shannon Cornman has been an award-winning photographer for Oklahoma Gazette since 2003. Her 30-year professional background includes sports, commercial, potraiture and wedding photography as well as photojournalism. Off the clock, you might find her skiing the Rockies, hiking desert slot canyons, zip-lining in other countries or exploring a sandy ocean beach — with a camera, of course.

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