Tackle, hunting gear, camping supplies, and … discrimination?

The suit alleges that Bass Pro stores in Texas, Louisiana, Indiana and Alabama routinely denied positions to qualified blacks and Hispanics, retaliated against employees, and that managers in some of the stores made derogatory racial comments acknowledging the practice, CBS reported. Bass Pro has two stores in Oklahoma — one in Bricktown and another in Broken Arrow.

The company’s vice-president for human resources, Mike Rowland, denied the accusations, CBS reported.

“The EEOC’s allegations are contrary to our profound respect for and commitment to our team of experienced and knowledgeable associates, and we are determined to prove them wrong,” Rowland was quoted as saying.

So, seeing as how Bass Pro is a melting pot of friendship, what is the EEOC whining about?

According to CBS, the EEOC was provided more than 250,000 pages of documentation, and, the lawsuit states, several managers used racial epithets. In one Houston-area store, the story states, a general manager allegedly told the human resources manager that “it was getting a little dark in here, you need to hire some white people.”

Oh… that.

Gazette staff

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