Without Thunder

But that
doesn’t mean you have to lock yourself into your homemade bomb shelter
until David Stern starts waving his little, white flag. Climb the stairs
and click on the TV, at the very least. We promise there’s stuff to do
this fall besides mourning the Thunder.

get that fix? There’s a certain, extremely potent exhilaration in
watching heated competition unfold. And while we’ve lately been spoiled
by the boys in Thunder blue, another sports team with the same color
just started their season up across the street from Chesapeake Energy
Arena: the OKC Barons. Next home ice is Oct. 15, and the season lasts
until April. Plenty of sports action to keep you occupied until the NBA
higherups come to their senses.

from zombies is the best exercise: OK, so maybe just watching the poor,
post-apocalyptic characters run away from flesh-eaters on “The Walking
Dead” doesn’t count as exercise, but we swear you’ll get so tensed up
and nervous watching the incredible AMC show’s second season that you’ll
at least sweat enough water weight to rival Nick Collison’s single-game
output. Sure enough, season two premieres Oct. 16, the same night the
Thunder were scheduled for their first (now canceled) preseason game
against the defending champs in Dallas. It must be a sign.

still plenty of basketball around the metro, people: Pro basketball
players gotta come from somewhere, right? Season tickets for this year’s
Sooner campaign start at $99 (general admission seats for women’s
basketball are $115 each), while Oklahoma State offers 300 Level seating
for $275.

Oklahoma City University charges $7 for adults, $5 for kids 12 and under. —Matt Carney

Matt Carney

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