Police said a man later identified as Antonio Laray Fuller, 22, was seen running west along the street, according to News9.com, wearing the very same outfit that the good Lord deemed to clothe him with when Fuller was born unto this world: nothing at all.

Clearly in a hurry, the suspect was reportedly apprehended by police officers, who forced him to get on the ground at gunpoint. The officers then subdued him and covered him up with a blanket. At the time of his capture, Fuller was toting two items: a Bible and a bottle of gin.

Was Fuller on a mission from God?

The suspect informed the officers that he was headed to church, according to the story. Chicken-Fried News speculates that it had something to do with divine will.

While Fuller did not mention which church he was headed toward, he reportedly was arrested on a public indecency complaint.

CFN is reminded (of course) of the passage in Genesis 9, wherein Noah celebrated the planting of his vineyard by getting his drank on and conking out naked in his tent. We can all learn from this brave re-enactment of biblical history, and applaud these efforts of spiritual leadership.

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