To save and conserve

The goal of the program is to change people’s behaviors until they understand frugality. The free workshop will be from 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and is put on by A Nurtured World, a nonprofit based in Texas.

“People really roll up their sleeves, get to work and look at how they can save money in their personal lives and how they can reduce their personal effect on the environment,” said Susan Roothaan, executive director, A Nurtured World.  

Roothaan said at one workshop she encountered a woman who spent a lot of her money on shoes she didn’t even wear. A Nurtured World wants to stop this kind of wasteful spending.

Cutting out such behavior is one of the top priorities of the workshop, as is teaching people to pinch pennies at their homes. Speakers will teach participants how they can reduce their home energy and home water bills.

“The crux of what we do is teaching people to be effective at changing their own behavior,” Roothaan said. “Lots of times, people know the right things to do but just don’t do it.”

Registration is first-come, first-served, and can be done by calling Randy Marks at 206-2883.

Carmen Forman

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