Centennial smiles

Oklahoma City’s Lee Elementary scheduled a recent tree planting and burying of a time capsule to celebrate A New Beginning, 100 Years Later. Each of the grade levels at the school put something in the time capsule.

Students also decorated an area of the school and dressed up according to a certain decade. Children planned to read poems and sing songs to showcase the decade. 

The school was unable to recognize the landmark last year because it was undergoing MAPS for Kids renovations. All of the teachers, students and staff were moved to other schools for the year.

“We finally moved back to our renovated building and now we are celebrating,” said Amparo Macias, assistant principal.

The MAPS renovation gave the school a new library, computer lab and office area.

“We are excited to see a lot of alumni coming back,” Macias said. “Just seeing the love they have for the school, and the memories they talk about, the teachers and the principals they were with when they were in school, all of the memories are being shared through all of the alumni.”

Carmen Forman

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