Mitt happens

The fundraiser for Romney’s campaign began at 8 a.m., cost $500 per-person or $2,500 for photo opportunities and was closed to the media. The second fundraiser, — which cost $20.12, with the money going to the state GOP — was held afterwards. Romney gave a stump speech to the crowd and took a few questions during this event, which was open to the media.

Romney used his time to focus on tax reform, specifically for the middle class. “My priority is helping middle-income Americans keep more of their money and encourage the growth of our economy,” he said. Watch for yourself in the videos posted below.

Look for more coverage in the Oct. 26 print edition of Oklahoma Gazette, and check back this afternoon for more videos from Romney’s Q&A session. —Clifton Adcock

Photo and videos by Matt Carney

Clifton Adcock

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