Oklahoma City University School of Theatre

By “they,” we mean the faculty and students of Oklahoma City University’s School of Theatre, who will put on a production like no other in Saturday’s Gazette’s Halloween Parade.

And by “spirits,” we mean the following, to name a few:

> one giant squid; > a giant spider with undulating legs; > roughly two dozen jellyfish bobbing above the crowd; > a tall, headless ghost in a dress; > a buffalo sliced into vertical pieces à la the motion picture “The Cell”; and > a peacock skull queen of evil.

How do those grab you? Just wait until you see them live.

Of that last one on the list, Ashley Bellet, assistant professor of costume design at OCU, said, “Picture a Vegas showgirl with spider webs and skulls and a 7-foot wingspan.”

Sound freaky? Good. “There are a couple of 3 a.m. ideas in there.

That’s when the best ideas come out,” Bellet said. “It’s a little different than what we do, but it’s a chance to use what we do.”

Jim Hutchison, assistant professor of lighting design at OCU, said these specially made apparitions will be covered with iridescent paint to make them luminescent under the downtown night sky.

“Everything will be so surreal,” he said. “It’ll be out of this world.”

Hutchison said he expects “some pretty serious participation” from students, beyond the “Halloween electronica” they’ve already composed to accompany the apparitions.

Bellet agreed. “Our kids have been working on haunted houses the past few years, so they’re ready to do something different for Halloween,” she said. “These kids are gonna work it.”

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