‘Swearing idiot goofy son of a gun’

The documentary was supposed to showcase Cowboy quarterback Brandon Weeden, but Monken’s salty language is getting center stage. Mike Gundy, the head coach for the Pokes, told the Tulsa World the ESPN special was “tremendous for Oklahoma State football,” but it kept from getting a perfect score because of Monken’s cursing.

“I think someone said there were 27 (bleeps),” Gundy told the World. “ … It bothered me for Oklahoma State football and it bothered me for him, because I want good things to happen to him.”

At least Monken is getting some publicity. The offensive coordinator said he didn’t figure his vulgarity would be the main attraction during five weeks of filming, and Gundy claimed Oct. 18 his assistant coach took a vow of nonprofantity that had already lasted 17 days.

What the hell?

“I was embarrassed,” Monken said on a video posted by the student-run The Daily O’Collegian newspaper. “My parents still haven’t called me.”

If they had, little Todd might have gotten his mouth washed out with soap. Still, CFN wonders if it’s newsworthy that coaches curse. Is this a new development? To quoth Gundy:

Where are we at in society today?

As for Monken, he just blamed his swearing on excitement.

“I’m passionate about coaching,” he reportedly said. “I would never want that to be portrayed the way it was. I haven’t even finished watching it. That’s something that I’ve tried to do a better job of the last couple of weeks, and yet I don’t want to stop who I am.

“I can’t be who I’m not, but I thought they took liberties at turning the show about reality TV and me being the swearing idiot goofy son of a gun and took away from our university and our players, and I think that’s sad. But I think it was well-done. I thought they had the best intentions of it, and it obviously affects you more when it’s you.”

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