This year’s Grand Marshall: THE SPYFM.COM

For the fifth annual parade Saturday, our grand marshal — and yours — is, the Oklahoma City-based radio station so cool, it now can be heard over the entire globe.

“The shoes are extremely large to fill, but it is a complete honor and a huge boon for The Spy!” said Ferris O’Brien (pictured), owner and founder of “The Gazette’s Halloween Parade is not just fun for all, but yet another way to unify the city!” He should know a little something about that. Last December, The Spy’s FM signal — having been brought back from the dead of earlier incarnations — abruptly went from the airwaves at KINB-FM 105.3 to online-only at thespyfm. com, due to a sale of the station that didn’t take. What some may see as a downfall, O’Brien saw as an advantage.

“The future of radio does live online. We’re ahead of the curve,” O’Brien said. “Anyone who’s still listening to terrestrial radio is doing so because they don’t know any better or laziness.

Our terrestrial stations here are done, just because of the choice that is out there. I don’t think (people) are aware of the hundreds of better ones in other terrestrial markets, and thousands of better ones on the Internet. It’s ridiculous to think that a local, badly planned station can survive that.”

We admire that indie spirit! After all, Gazette’s Halloween Parade is all about celebrating the spirit of creativity and artistry that lives and breathes in our city, so to merge the two entities is a natural.

“Come one, come all!” said O’Brien. “Bwahha-ha-ha-ha!”

Gazette staff

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