Can it!

Firefighters accept donations of aluminum cans all year long to raise money to pay for clothes, medical assistance or other necessities for children whose bodies have been damaged by fire.

The program started after the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, when firefighters from other regions of the country came to help out in the disaster’s aftermath, and gave money to Oklahoma City firefighters to give to burn victims. They told our firefighters the money had been raised through an aluminum can drive.

Ever since then, Oklahoma City firefighters have held a similar charity drive of its own. Last year, the drive raised about $4,000.

“I just feel like the program is worthy; it needs to be done,” said program coordinator and retired firefighter Edward Koch.

When the Oklahoma City fire department finds a family in need of help, they can help out in a variety of ways, from purchasing clothing for the children to donating money to the family for medical expenses or needed items.

“This is a way we’d like to give back to the community, and give back to let people know that our fire stations that are in those neighborhoods are a part of those neighborhoods,” Koch said.

Donations of aluminum cans can be dropped off at any Oklahoma City or Bethany fire station. Cans must be left in a bag.

Photo by Marcos André

Carmen Forman

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