Cult of personality
(note: not a website for comparing “Kama Sutra” techniques, as CFN was
hoping) reported that Nick Logie and his cohorts in the Los Angeles band
Telegram recently drove some 22 hours to deliver Coyne a birthday
present direct to his Oklahoma City home.

We’ll let Bangstyle (tee-hee) take over from here:

“Instead of rejecting the strangers, Coyne welcomed them into his home.

According to Logie, he said
to them: ‘You guys look like weirdos! Come inside, just please don’t
kill me.’ Little did Coyne know that the three fans would spend the next
four nights partying with him at his Oklahoma City home — passing out
on couches and floors. The fun bunch ended up recording a song together
(and a video along with it).”

impressive enough that some crazies were nuts enough to pull a reverse
“Grapes of Wrath” just to take Coyne a birthday gift, but four nights of

Photo by Matt Carney

Gazette staff

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